EU-LAC HEALTH is a coordinating action that proposes to define a detailed plan to guide policy makers and other stakeholders on future actions to support cooperative Health Research between Latin America and Caribbean countries (LAC) and the European Commission and Member States (EU). This consensus Roadmap will be developed using a policy oriented approach and taking into account the new political framework for EU-LAC collaboration in S&T. The Roadmap will provide policy-makers and R&D funding bodies with new insights on how to best coordinate and fund cooperative health research between the two regions. An important effort will be devoted during the project to link and coordinate two important policy areas with strong involvement in health research funding: Science and technology policy (research) and International development cooperation.


The major goals of EU-LAC HEALTH are:

  1. Discuss and explore, with policy-makers and other stakeholders, how to best coordinate health research policies and funding between EU and LAC.
  2. Define Establish a consensus Roadmap for cooperative health research with the final objective of setting up a future framework for collaboration between the EU and LAC regions in this field.
  3. Disseminate the project results to the main project stakeholders as a means to increase and improve EU-LAC cooperation in health research.

Additionally, EU-LAC Health will promote the creation of a coordinating body to implement and develop the Roadmap.

Work Plan

The EU-LAC HEALTH Work Plan has been built on 4 differentiated stages:

  • Stage 1: Analysis of state of play
  • Stage 2: Scenario building
  • Stage 3: Defining the roadmap
  • Stage 4: Implementing EU-CELAC Health