Open for submission the EU-LAC Health Joint Call

EU-LAC Health project launches its Transnational Call for projects that will be open from 2 December 2016 to 9 March 2017 (16.00 hrs CET).

  • The duration of a project may not exceed 36 months
  • Call documents should be carefully read before preparing a proposal:

Consortia and Funding Model

The EU-LAC Health Call will be implemented through a coordinated funding scheme whereby each Funding Organization will fund its own national teams within each multilateral research project, in accordance with national/regional regulations (Virtual Common Pot model).

Each consortium submitting a proposal must involve:

  • a minimum of three eligible partner institutions from three different participant countries with at least one country from each region, EU and LAC
  • a maximum of six (excluding associated partners) with at least 1/3 participation of partner institutions from each region, EU and LAC

Two additional associated partners self-financed are permitted, maximum one from each region.

Topics of the EU-LAC Health Joint Call

The following list shows the topics and countries that are funding each topic. For full description of the topics see Annex 1 of Call Text (please note that the proposal should comply with the full description of the selected topic).

Topic 1: Neurodegeneration – Healthy aging to combat neurodegeneration

Participating countries: Argentina (MINCyT), Bolivia (MINEDU)**, Brazil (FAPESP), Chile (CONICYT), Costa Rica (CCSS), Dominican Republic (MESCYT), Ecuador (SENESCYT), Germany (BMBF), Guatemala (CONCYT), Israel (CSO-MoH), Italy (SANITA), Latvia (VIAA), Panama (MINSA), Peru (CONCYTEC), Poland (NCBR), Portugal (FCT)**, Spain (ISCIII)*, Uruguay (ANII)

Topic 2: Infectious diseases – Research in promotion of well-being: prevention of infectious diseases, emerging food-, water-and vector-borne diseases

Participating countries: Argentina (MINCyT), Belgium (FNRS), Bolivia (MINEDU)**, Brazil (FAPESP), Chile CONICYT), Costa Rica (CCSS), Costa Rica (FUNIN), Dominican Republic (MESCYT), Ecuador (SENESCYT), Germany (BMBF), Guatemala (CONCYT), Israel (CSO-MoH), Italy (SANITA), Latvia (VIAA), Peru (CONCYTEC), Poland (NCBR), Portugal (FCT)**, Spain (ISCIII)*, Uruguay (ANII)

Funding Organizations in EU-LAC Health Call

Argentina – MINCYT pdf Guatemala – CONCYT
Belgium – FNRS pdf Israel – CSO-MoH pdf
Bolivia – MINEDU** pdf Italy – SANITA pdf
Brazil – FAPEMIG pdf Latvia – VIAA pdf
Brazil – FAPESP pdf Panama – MINSA pdf
Chile – CONICYT pdf Peru – CONCYTEC pdf
Costa Rica – CCSS pdf Poland – NCBR pdf
Dominican Republic – MESCyT Portugal – FCT** pdf
Ecuador – SENESCYT pdf Spain – ISCIII* pdf
Germany – BMBF pdf Uruguay – ANII pdf

*Pending on receiving the letter of commitment.
**These countries will encourage the in-kind participation of their researchers and will have a national contact point for the call. Please, note that partners from these countries participate in the consortium as associated partners.