eularinetEularinet – FP7 Project (European Union – Latin American Research and Innovation NETworks) is a 4 years Coordination Action (INCO.Net) (March 2008- August 2012) which main goal is to strengthen the bi-regional dialogue on S&T between EU and Latin American Countries at policy, programme and institutional (research entities) level, thus contributing to a threefold objective: a) Promote the joint identification, setting up, implementation and monitoring of mutual interest priorities of future work programmes across the Specific Programmes of FP7, b) Joint definition of S&T co-operation policies and c) Support and stimulate the participation of LAPC in FP7.

eucarinetEucarinet - Strengthening the Sustainable Scientific Cooperation between Europe and the Caribbean. The EUCARINET project will promote and support the setting up of a permanent and sustainable multi-stakeholder co-ordination and dialogue, bringing together the key EU and Caribbean policy makers and programme managers, representatives of universities, research institutions, the private sector – with a special emphasis on SME’s – as well as other representatives of civil society.

EnlaceEnlace – Enhancing Scientific Cooperation between European Union and Central America. The project aims at supporting the bi-regional dialogue between the EU and the Central America Countries and includes a set of activities to enhance the networking among EU and Central America researchers through the organization of S&T dialogues, to identify research priorities of mutual interest and to raise awareness on FP7 in Central America mainly by setting up the network of FP7 National Contact Point in Central America.

M-INCLUSIONM-INCLUSION – is funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research & Development. Its overall objective is to create a cooperative framework between EU and LATAM mobile solution developers and end users, to promote both the growth of new affordable mobile solutions and a working environment to define a Road Map to improve personal autonomy and societal integration of people at risk of exclusion in LATAM.

EVAL-HEALTHEVAL-HEALTH – (Developing and Testing of New Methodologies to Monitor and Evaluate Health Related EU-Funded Interventions in Cooperation Partner Countries) is an R&D project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission which has as its main goal to contribute to strengthen monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of European Union (EU) funded interventions in developing countries in the specific area of Health.

Equity-LA IIEquity-LA II – is a research project whose objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of different care integration strategies in improving coordination and quality of care in Integrated Health Care Networks (IHN) in Latin America. Equity-LA II builds upon the results of Equity-LA, which explored access to the care continuum and care coordination in IHN in Colombia and Brazil. Equity-LA II incorporates four additional countries with different types of health care systems: Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay.

Equity-LA IICEST+I – The Chile-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Initiative (CEST+I) is a bilateral project to promote science, technology and innovation cooperation between the European Union, its member states and associated countries, and Chile. The project thereby contributes to the implementation of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI) between Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union. The specific objectives of the project are to develop policy dialogue on science and technology between the EU and Chile, to promote the creation of networks and the development of joint research projects, and to disseminate opportunities for cooperation between Chile and the EU. The project is coordinated by the Chilean National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) in collaboration with DLR (Germany), IDOM (Spain) and IRD (France).

ELANELAN PROGRAMME – European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation is a European Union (EU) initiative that seeks to increase and diversify the EU economic presence in Latin America, by meeting the Latin American demand for knowledge and innovative technology. ELAN also aims to boost the opportunities that both markets offer for European and Latin American SMEs.