M-INCLUSIONCAREPNEUMO – The main objective of CAREPNEUMO is to apply a multi-disciplinary approach that includes epidemiology, host-pathogen interactions, infection models and intervention strategies to combat antibiotic resistant S. pneumoniae. For more information, please, visit the project website.

DENFREEDENFREE – The main objective of the DENFREE project is to focus on finding key factors determining dengue transmission and dynamics in order to develop new tools and strategies for controlling dengue transmission. Inherent in our program is the belief that improved surveillance and diagnosis of the asymptomatic dengue carriers will contribute to effective intervention, especially during early stages of pathogen invasion into a naïve region.

EUCO-NetEUCO-Net – The objective of the support action is to provide an overview of the state of the art in HIV and TB research and disease management in the different partner countries, to identify global research priorities and to boost international cooperation between leading HIV and TB experts from Europe and those countries mainly affected by the two diseases.

BERENICEBERENICE – Its main objective is to obtain a more effective, better tolerated and cheaper formulation of a drug with trypanocidal activity to cure Chagas disease, one of the most neglected tropical diseases in the world. Nanotechnology will be used for the encapsulation of benznidazole: Small Unillamelar Vesicles (SUVs) and Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs). For more information, please, visit the project website.

CUT’HIVACCUT’HIVAC – The project aims at assessing a new HIV vaccine strategy to prevent and control HIV infection based on transcutaneous and/or mucosal routes and immunogen delivery systems to preferentially promote and redirect immune responses towards high level of mucosal Abs and effector CD8 cell responses directed against various HIV antigens.

HYPerLabHYPerLab – It is a project aiming at providing standardised, reproducible methods and tools to advance therapeutic stem cell research. For more information, please, visit the project website.